FMB Trading Group, Inc was founded by professional day traders for individuals who aspire to trade professionally and for the trader who is already at that level.

The site is broken down into the following categories:

1. The home page is designed for the active trader. Here, we have supplied you with key intra-day support and resistance numbers for the S&P 500 Futures and the Tradeometer, our proprietary indicator for gauging whether to be trading conservatively or aggressively. The Tradeometer is updated, as needed, throughout the day. In addition, our senior trader provides a Daily Market Commentary each day around 9 AM EST to provide you with his insights and observations of the market.

2. The Trading Articles page is designed to give traders an insight as to what is required to be successful in the business. This section covers everything from developing a trading methodology, psychological aspects, trader insights and reflections and creating a professional level-trading platform in your home or office.

3. The Chat Room is open 24 hours a day to meet with other traders.

4. The Book Review section is designed to be a mini-course to assist you in laying the fundamental framework necessary to succeed in the day trading industry. We structure the sequence of books to be read consecutively so that the reader can build upon each prior book.

5. The On-line Trading section offers cutting edge quotes and execution platforms combined with a real-time webcast where you can "virtually mentor" with our staff.

6. The Interviews section is designed to be a resource for traders of all levels. From time to time we have had the good fortune to sit down with some very respected individuals in the securities industry. Our discussions are soon to be available on our site to offer you insights into these remarkable individuals.

Our stated goal is to provide our members with the highest quality information. We encourage your feedback and suggestions.


The Staff at FMB Trading Group, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Market volatility and volume may delay system access and trade execution.You can also lose all your money daytrading. Day Traders should be experienced and sophisticated investors. They should understand the risks associated with day trading and the high aggregate commissions/ticket costs that will occur in relation to the high volume of trading activities; and the capital used for trading should not be funds for retirement and they should be aware that account capital and margin credit may be lost and that such loss can be afforded and will not cause undue hardship.