FMB Trading Group, Inc.
5060 Shoreham Place
Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92122

440 South LaSalle Street
Suite 1821
Chicago, IL 60605

Phone: (858) 658-9290
Fax: (858) 622-8956

We do not accept walk ins during trading hours, please call after market hours to schedule an appointment.

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Market volatility and volume may delay system access and trade execution.You can also lose all your money daytrading. Day Traders should be experienced and sophisticated investors. They should understand the risks associated with day trading and the high aggregate commissions/ticket costs that will occur in relation to the high volume of trading activities; and the capital used for trading should not be funds for retirement and they should be aware that account capital and margin credit may be lost and that such loss can be afforded and will not cause undue hardship.