Why FMB Trading Group?

Quite simply, experience and proven trading methodologies. Our two Co-Founders and Senior Traders have over 10 years Day Trading experience and realized that they had a unique insight into the growing day trading industry. Our quality products and services enable you to strengthen your trading plan and convictions. Most importantly, we can give you the insight to limit your losses

Filtering out the hype

The dramatic increase in electronic day trading recently has led to a tremendous amount of hype.  Our success in trading is a result of trading experience and continuous research of the stock and futures markets.  We consistently take money out of the markets, our high probability approach to trading limits drawdowns and maximizes opportunities.

Why are we so confident?

The partners of FMB Trading Group, Inc. have a proven track record and success in training select candidates. 

How does this service differ from other day trading services / sites?

You are receiving information from experienced professional traders who have demonstrated consistent performance. 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Market volatility and volume may delay system access and trade execution.You can also lose all your money daytrading. Day Traders should be experienced and sophisticated investors. They should understand the risks associated with day trading and the high aggregate commissions/ticket costs that will occur in relation to the high volume of trading activities; and the capital used for trading should not be funds for retirement and they should be aware that account capital and margin credit may be lost and that such loss can be afforded and will not cause undue hardship.